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Daniel Ricciardo: The ‘Honey Badger’s’ road so far

by Tony Brookes

Born in Perth, Australia in 1989, Daniel Ricciardo emerged on the Formula 1® scene back in 2009. Beginning his career testing for Red Bull Racing and sister team Toro Rosso, little did he know that some years later he’d be winning races – (although he sure would have dreamt it!)

Daniel’s first F1® race seat came part way through the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship™ when he signed with HRT, replacing one of their drivers and debuting at the British Grand Prix – a fine place to start.

With a couple of seasons (2012 and 2013) as a full time driver at Toro Rosso, where he’d previously been a test driver, it wasn’t long before the Australian was promoted up to Red Bull Racing, to partner alongside four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel in 2014. With big shoes to fill, replacing fellow Australian Mark Webber (who retired), Daniel would need to not only prove his driving, but win over the hearts of the fans.

And sure enough, it wasn’t long before Daniel did just that, picking up his debut F1® race win at the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix and collecting 7 wins to his name so far in his career.

Fast forward to present day and the Australian ace is stepping into his second season driving for Renault F1® Team, donning the iconic yellow and black liveries.

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Daniel picked up his maiden race win at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2014.

With 2020 pre-season testing now complete, Daniel revealed great pace around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

"I don’t think I’ve ever done a low 1m16 lap around here, so this is the quickest I’ve ever been around Barcelona. I’ve been coming here since 2007. A long time, going round and round, but I’ve finally got a good lap," he commented.

Besides his racing abilities, Daniel has become a popular figure throughout the Paddocks for his charisma and winning grin. It’s no wonder the talented driver has a wide following, even outside of Australia.

But with the 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship™ kick starting once again with the Australian Grand Prix, Daniel will approach his home race with a heavy heart. Not only will he be striving to perform well during the race and bring results for his team, but he also carries the job of bringing hope and pride to a country which has recently been devastated by wild bushfires.

With Renault F1® Team’s form looking positive, fans of the ‘Honey Badger’ will be hoping to see Daniel claiming good points in Australia.
Celebrating Daniel’s racing career

Fans have the chance to own a piece of Daniel's racing journey.

In true celebratory style, we wanted to make sure all Daniel Ricciardo fans had the opportunity to own a piece of his racing journey.

Therefore, you’ll be able to find a great selection of Ricciardo products within the Memento Exclusives collection. 

But before you head over there, we’ve picked out a few best bits:

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1. Daniel Ricciardo 2019 Signed United States Grand Prix Helmet
Fans of Australian Renault F1® Team driver Daniel Ricciardo will adore this replica helmet, 1 of only 2 made, which depicts the helmet worn at the 2019 United States Grand Prix during the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™. This helmet has also been personally signed by Daniel himself.

2. Daniel Ricciardo Framed 2019 Signed Race-Worn Race Suit – Renault F1® Team
Worn during the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™, this suit belonged to Daniel Ricciardo during his first season with Renault F1® Team.

3. Daniel Ricciardo 2019 Framed Signed Replica Australian Grand Prix Race Boots
Get your hands on these replica race boots, specially designed for Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo at his home Grand Prix in the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™. These replica boots have also been signed by Daniel Ricciardo himself.

An interview with F1® artist Paul Oz

by Tony Brookes

We chat to well-known and highly acclaimed F1® artist Paul Oz about his recent work and why his work is perfect for F1® fans.

So Paul, how did you first start out as an artist?

“At 16 I wanted to go to art college, but my grades were higher in maths and physics. The advice, which I’m sure any careers advisor is correct to give even in hindsight was ‘art is difficult to earn a living with – you should follow the engineering route’. 

“I studied aerospace engineering at university instead, with a view to moving on to car aerodynamics. Which didn’t happen.... but the mindset of which I do think contributes to my thought process now in creating artwork, 25 years on.

“I cycle raced for much of the next decade alongside a string of IT and sales roles – it was only upon stopping racing in 2005 that I had free time again and immediately started messing around with paint. 

“I had my first small gallery show in 2006, the knowledge of marketing and positioning from sales roles helped me make that initial step. I was made redundant in 2009 from the London software firm I was working for... my only option at the time was turning the pocket money hobby into a full-time focus. I thought I was doing okay balancing the two – but as soon as I went full time, everything went nuts!”

Tell us about your creative process and techniques

“I always have a vision in my mind, the challenge is to then bring that into reality. With a portrait it can take weeks to find the right reference image, pose and lighting that I know will work best. I work with most of the best photographers in F1® which helps in that regard!

“Lighting is the most important thing to me in a painting, especially with portraits, to bring shapes and features out, and give the strongest 3D effect. From there, I just dive in with paint, and use solely a pallet knife for everything. I’ve been using the same one for 10 years, it has the flexibility of thin card and so much paint build up on the handle that I don’t even have to hold it, it balances in my hand perfectly.

“All of my oil paintings are about 1cm thick in paint in places, and yes that takes several months to dry properly. Even longer for my home-made neon colours. The same thickness of paint on the embellished limited editions too, but acrylic paint there as that matches the print tone best and dries in a couple of days.”

You’ve created a wide range of art, depicting some of the sport’s greatest. Which has been your favourite to work on?

“I think by now I have painted most of the sport’s greatest yes, and will continue to do so, as history creates itself. That’s what I love so much about my job – marking history, capturing the emotions and celebrating the icons of F1. 

"That’s what I love so much about my job – marking history, capturing the emotions and celebrating the icons of F1." 

“My favourite piece changes continuously, I guess as I’m always trying to develop what I do, my tastes and preferences move with that. I guess too that for me it’s more the story behind the artwork that is most important. Like when a team sponsor commissions me and I paint it live at an F1® weekend, or the pink helmeted Jenson piece that Jenson bought himself and then used the image for his Christmas card. 

“As an F1® fan first and foremost it’s that kind of thing where I have to pinch myself and have to try really hard to not be too much of a ‘fan boy’.”

Which piece has been the most challenging and why?

“Probably the Leclerc piece that I’ve just finished - it has been a battle! I’m already finding the new generation helmets with the smaller eye port trickier to paint, when trying to capture the driver’s expression – as the smaller eye port makes it darker inside.”

You’ve just launched a 2019 Lewis Hamilton piece. Tell us about this – how long did it take, what made you choose this shot?

“The challenge with Lewis paintings is that because he keeps winning (and it’s those moments of F1® that I need to mark) it’s tough to continually do something different. 

“The painting of any images from his actual celebratory moment of the 2019 title, would have looked very similar to the piece I created for his 2018 title – in a cap with the Union Flag behind him. So instead I chose the moment he started to get out of the car, almost forming a cross shape, which I thought was perfectly in keeping with his ‘Still I Rise’ moniker. 

“The painting took me about one week to paint, the original is 4x3ft and included my usual home-made neon paint for the red in the helmet and the Monster Energy logos. For the first time I included reflective beads in the paint too, the stuff they use in road signs – so at very specific angles it shines like crazy! I have yet to experiment if the same material will work for the ‘embellished limited edition’...but I think it will.”

Your artworks are available on Memento Exclusives in different styles - can you express why your 2019 Lewis piece is a ‘must have’ for fans this year?

“It will be the only piece I paint with this composition for sure – and it’s a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide, which don’t normally hang around for long.”

How do you choose who to paint and how?

"The subjects chose themselves to be honest! For instance when I met Mark Webber in the street after his Monaco 2012 win, when I was next to where Lewis threw the flag in the air in Mexico City 2017, and when Max won there in 2018 and I spoke to him at the baggage carousel in Heathrow the morning after.... all those moments were the first thing I painted when I got back home. 

“I know what to paint and when to paint it because I live and breathe the sport and know which moments need marking, celebrating or commemorating.”

I try to remain as impartial as I can for professional reasons. There are a few teams I work with repeatedly – but I’m still wary of limiting myself by being too known for one team or being too much of a fan of one driver. 

Besides being an F1® artist, you must also be a fan of the sport - do you have a favourite driver and team you support? Or a particular race track you like to visit the most?

“Fundamentally I’m a British patriot though so I’m always going to lean towards British teams and drivers. I’m very impressed with Lando, both with his talent and as a person – I think he needs to be painted soon! 

"I’m very impressed with Lando, both with his talent and as a person – I think he needs to be painted soon!"

“As for track.... Monaco is easily top of my list. I’ll never miss a race week there if I can help it – not because of the quality of the racing but because of everything that surrounds the race. Mexico City too - the atmosphere in the Foro Sol stadium section is like nothing else in F1! Singapore is a must visit for any F1® fan too, a truly unique experience. Although from a working perspective it’s one of the hardest to do anything constructive at, with the temperatures, logistics and crazy schedules.

You also have created statues – please can you tell us more about this process – is there anything you’re working on currently?

“Oh just a bit! Everything went a little nuts last year with the Senna statue, and we’re still flat out in the foundry casting the 60% size versions of that, now in the same bare bronze finish as the famous life-size. And there are two new completely different statues being cast right now... not Senna. You’ll see the first one in only a few weeks, unveiling with McLaren. The second one I’ve been contracted to say absolutely nothing about until it’s unveiling.... but watch this space!

“The statues are all modelled on real life, which is how they are so detailed. We’ve pioneered a method of stitching together 100’s of 2D images to create a 3D model, and I work with the most prestigious foundry in the world which is handily only 20 miles from where I live, hidden in a valley outside Stroud, to realise those models in bronze. 

“I aim to get a similar sense of dynamic and movement in my statues as I do in my paintings, to make them appear almost alive. I have so much in my mind for bronzes, but with each project taking around nine months, many of my ideas will have to wait a while. All will have a life-size statue, then an edition at a more manageable 60% size – the size the F1® teams work to in the wind tunnel.

What artworks have you got in the pipeline?

“Much of the next few months will be in the foundry rather than painting in the studio... but aside from the new Leclerc, a Lando portrait and a Verstappen in his orange lid are definitely coming soon. Additional to the Lamborghini and Ferrari carbon shields I’ve been creating, I’m working on a Porsche specific shape too, which should be ready soon. Through mid summer there are some big projects that I can’t talk about as yet, but really looking forward to those too!

If Lewis wins again in 2020, he will have matched Schumacher’s record. Will you plan an extra special piece for that?

“For sure. And it won’t be just a painting either...”

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Abu Dhabi: A focus on the final race of 2019

by Tony Brookes

This week, and for the final time of 2019, we look back over a Grand Prix; this edition – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

This weekend marks the final race of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™ which has been full of excitement and has featured five different race winners including Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

We look back over the two most successful drivers at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Lewis Hamilton – a four-time winner in Abu Dhabi

Having just claimed his sixth World Championship title, it comes as no surprise to know that this man has topped the charts the most when it comes to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Having won the race four times, in 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2018, the British talent is no stranger to the taste of success. 

He took his first win driving for McLaren, outperforming his teammate Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso who were both chasing the win themselves.

Fast forward to last year’s race in 2018 and his win in Abu Dhabi marked his 11th of the season, proving his dominance and rounding off the season in style, having already claimed his World title a couple of races prior.

This race also marked Fernando Alonso's final race in F1® and fans will remember Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso performing donuts down the straight to celebrate the Spanish champion’s triumphant career.

Despite a sixth title under his belt and a multitude of wins this year, Hamilton is said to still be chasing the win at the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel – a three-time winner in Abu Dhabi

Despite having a somewhat rocky season in 2019, Vettel is still considered one of the best drivers on the grid, which comes as no shock what with four World Championships to his name. And the Yas Marina Circuit is among the tracks the German has experienced more than one great victories at.

Vettel took his wins here in 2009, 2010 and 2013, driving for his previous team, Red Bull Racing and was the first driver to win at the circuit, which debuted on the racing calendar in 2009. 

His win in 2010 was particularly special because not only did he lift the first-place trophy but his victory made him a World Champion for the first time in his career – an achievement he would go onto experience another three times, to date.

In 2013, his win marked his 7th consecutive win of the season. Already a crowned the World Champion for that season (and a four-time World Champion overall), Vettel still went on to lead every single lap of the race, beating his teammate Mark Webber to the top spot.

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You can also celebrate his and the team’s success with a selection of re-engineered products, which make the perfect furniture pieces for motorsport enthusiasts, from brake disc tables, to clocks made from gear ratios.

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You can buy your very own 2019 mini helmet for Vettel too, as well as find a selection of model cars and steering wheels available to purchase.

Find your dream Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport gift

by Tony Brookes
Looking to buy a Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport gift for a friend or family member this Christmas? Look no further.
1. Gear Ratio Clock - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
This clock is the perfect piece to wake you up in the morning and keep track of when the race is about to start. Crafted out of a Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Gear Ratio, once raced the circuits of the world, this clock has been re-engineered to bring a touch of F1® into your home.
2. Michael Schumacher Bodywork in Acrylic - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
Own your piece of Michael Schumacher's MGP-W02 car; as raced in the 2011 season, with this piece of official memorabilia from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Each piece of bodywork has been carefully hand-carved from a race-used MGP-W02 Michael Schumacher sidepod.
3. Carbon Fibre and Dog Ring Desk Tidy - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
This Desk Tidy has been crafted from a dog ring used on the Mercedes AMG-Petronas Motorsport F1® W03 car, driven by Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg during the 2012 FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Championship™ season.
The unique component design measures 60mm less than a standard dog ring, which allowed the team to run a shorter gear cluster, smaller gearbox and therefore a selection of varied wheelbases during the races.
4. 2013 Chrome Front Wheel Rim Table - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
This stylish table is re-engineered from a 2013 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team front wheel rim. It was part of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport W04 car driven by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg with both drivers picking up race wins in the 2013 Formula One World Championship™. 
Professionally painted in a high-gloss chrome, the retired rim has been re-engineered into a drinks table with a toughened glass top, which shows off the spokes of the wheel rim beneath.
5.  Mercedes-AMG F1® W10 EQ POWER+: Amalgam Collection
Whether you’re a fan of Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas, if you’re looking for an extra special gift for someone this year, you can own a 1:8 model of their 2019 cars.
Created by the Amalgam Collection in collaboration with Memento Exclusives and using CAD digital scanning of the real cars with help from the team themselves, these intricate models are the perfect way to remember the excellent season.

Find Renault F1® Team gifts this Christmas

by Tony Brookes

Fan of Renault, or know someone who is? Do your festive shopping on Memento Exclusives and find the ideal present.

1. Daniel Ricciardo 2019 Framed Replica Signed Balaclava - Renault F1® Team

Own this fantastic framed signed balaclava belonging to Daniel Ricciardo during the 2019 season in which he drove for Renault F1® Team. Featuring the Renault branding from the 2019 season, this balaclava has been signed by the man himself and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

The balaclava has also been professionally framed so it is ready to be displayed!

2. Brake Disc Clock- Renault F1® Team

Raced in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship™, these carbon fibre brake discs from Renault F1® Team car have been transformed into stylish F1® wall clocks. 

F1® brake discs take up to 5 months to manufacture, in a careful process of compressing and baking the carbon fibre. On the track, these discs need to stop the car traveling at 200mph in around 4 seconds!

3. Race-used Bodywork & Photo – Renault F1® Team

This official framed photograph is part of the official Renault F1® Team collection and incorporates a genuine race-used piece of Renault F1® Team Sidepod!

Professionally framed with a black wood frame and conservation-grade white/black double mount, the A4 photo is the perfect addition to your loved one’s collection.

4. Layshaft and Gear Lamp - Renault Sport 'Heritage Collection'

These race-used gears and layshafts have been re-engineered into stylish lighting for your home. 

Made from toughened steel and in its original race-used condition, the layshaft forms the stem of the lamp, with the gear ratio as the base - mounted to a moulded carbon fibre plinth. Each one of the 80,000 Renault F1Team components which make-up each race car has a unique identification number - and these original part numbers remain on display on the gear ratio and layshaft. 


5. Brake Pad Phone Holder - Renault Sport 'Heritage Collection'

This practical mobile phone holder is re-engineered from a race-used carbon brake pad. Retired from the race, the carbon brake pad has a routed grove to transform it into the perfect perch for your mobile phone.

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Have a happy Christmas with our Haas F1® Team collection

by Tony Brookes

Need ideas for your F1® loving friend or family member? Shop our Haas F1® Team gifts now!


1. Kevin Magnussen VF17 Bodywork & Photo - Haas F1® Team

Professionally framed with a black wood frame and conservation-grade white/black double mount, the A4 photo is accompanied by a hand-carved piece of bodywork from Magnussen’s VF-17 Sidepod and an official Haas F1® Team plaque containing Magnussen’s printed, digital signature.

2. VF-17 Skid Block Phone Holder - Haas F1® Team

This skid block was originally attached to the underbelly of the Haas F1® VF-17 car in the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship™.

Also known as 'legality plank', skid block is the mandatory attachment to the underside of a Formula One car. Introduced in 1994 as a safety improvement following Ayrton Senna's death, the plank is fitted beneath the central plane of the car. It is designed to restrict the minimum height and prevent taking corners at dangerously high speeds.

3. VF-18 Sidepod (Left) - Haas F1® Team


F1® sidepods serve several key purposes; they cover and protect the radiators and fuel tank, they act as side impact absorbers, they generate downforce, and of course are a highly visible and lucrative advertising space. 

The iconic sidepod was part of the VF-18, as raced by Grosjean and Magnussen - An impressive piece of Haas F1® Team heritage.

4. VF17 - Romain Grosjean Bodywork & Photo - Haas F1® Team

Professionally framed with a black wood frame and conservation-grade white/black double mount, the A4 photo is accompanied by a hand-carved piece of bodywork from Grosjean’s VF-17 Sidepod and an official Haas F1® Team plaque containing Grosjean's printed, digital signature.

5. VF-17 Kevin Magnussen Bodywork in Acrylic - Haas F1® Team

Each piece of bodywork has been carefully hand carved from a race-used VF-17 Kevin Magnussen sidepod. Your piece of bodywork is hand embedded in high optical quality acrylic for an impressive show-piece which preserves the racing heritage for generations to come. From the front, you see the beautiful sheen of the Haas F1® Team livery, and from the back you can study the intricate honeycomb structure of the carbon fibre. 

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SportPesa Racing Point F1® Team gifts to add to your Christmas list

by Tony Brookes
Shop the team collection to find that special F1® gift you’ve been looking for! Here are our top five picks.
1. Lance Stroll 2019 Replica Helmet
Are you a fan of SportPesa Racing Point's Lance Stroll? Well now is your chance to become the owner of this Stroll 2019 Replica Helmet. The stand-out design was seen worn by the young Canadian-Belgian driver during his first season for SportPesa Racing Point F1® Team.
2. F1® Brake Disc Clock - SportPesa Racing Point
Tell the time in style with this clock. Raced in the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship™, these carbon fibre brake discs from the Force India F1® Team car have been transformed into stylish F1® wall clocks. On the track, these discs need to stop the car traveling at 200mph in around 4 seconds.
3. Sergio Perez Bodywork in Acrylic – SportPesa Racing Point F1® Team
Own your piece of Sergio Perez’s car for your desk or mantelpiece with this piece of bodywork in acrylic from the team. Each piece of bodywork has been carefully hand-carved from a race-used VJM10 pink sidepod - as driven by Sergio Perez in the 2017 season.
4. SportPesa Racing Point F1® Team Race-used Front Wheel Rim Table - in pink
Get your hands on this table reimagined from the wheel rim of a Force India F1® car (now SportPesa Racing Point F1® Team) which was driven during the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship™. This wheel rim was raced on the VJM07 car as driven by Sergio Perez and Nico Hülkenberg.
The wheel rim has been powder-coated in the same matte pink as seen on the VJM10 car, used in the 2017 season. The table has been fitted with a glass top to transform it into a practical drinks table, ideal for holding your drinks whilst you watch the races.
5. Sergio Perez 2017 Austrian GP Photo and Piece of VJM10 Bodywork – SportPesa Racing Point
This official framed Sergio Perez photograph is part of the official SportPesa Racing Point collection and incorporates a genuine race-used piece of Sergio Perez’ VJM10 Sidepod. The action photo captures Perez driving away from his pitstop at the Austrian Grand Prix in 2017.

Treat Lewis Hamilton fans to the ideal gift this Christmas

by Tony Brookes
Fans of the six-time World Champion will be eyeing up these amazing products this festive season.
1. Lewis Hamilton 2019 1:2 Scale Helmet
Celebrate the fantastic season Hamilton has had with this mini version of his 2019 helmet. This impressive 1:2 scale model from Bell, reproduces the real helmet and comes complete with glitter red detailing and an adjustable visor.
2. Lewis Hamilton 2015 Brake Disc Table: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
Looking to spruce up your décor but with the addition of an F1® flare? This table is made out of a Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport carbon brake disc take from Hamilton’s 2015 F1® car and is displayed within a hand-crafted solid oak table-top.
3. Lewis Hamilton 2015 Bodywork in Acrylic - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
With this product you can own a piece of Lewis’ MGP-W06 F1® car as driven to victory in the 2015 World Championship. Encapsulated within sleek acrylic for a stylish addition to your F1® collection this is a fantastic gift idea for those who support the British champion.
4. Gear Ratio Clock - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
This clock is the perfect piece to wake you up in the morning and keep track of when the race is about to start. Crafted out of a Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Gear Ratio, which once raced the circuits of the world, this clock has been re-engineered to bring a touch of F1® into your home.
5. Lewis Hamilton photos
We have a range of Lewis Hamilton framed photographs which are excellent gift ideas for Lewis fans. Whether it's to hang on the wall or to stand on a desk, these photos capture the six-time World Champion racing at tracks around the globe and contain printed digital signatures of the man himself.
Looking to spend more?
We have a variety of top-class, exquisite products if you’re looking to spend a bit more money on a special gift.
New in, we have 1:8 scale models of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG F1® W10 EQ Power+ 2019 F1® car created by the Amalgam Collection, in collaboration with Memento Exclusives. 
The W10 car, driven by Lewis Hamilton during the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship™, is the epitome of speed and style, and replicates the Championship winning car using CAD digital scanning of the real thing.
We also have a collection of full-size replicas of the W10 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Steering Wheel from the 2019 season. Intricately hand-crafted by the Amalgam Collection, in collaboration with Memento Exclusives, this remarkable replica is finished to match the original, as used by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, including working buttons, switches and paddles.

How the United States Grand Prix has become Hamilton’s race

by Tony Brookes

A look over the United States Grand Prix’s history and why Lewis Hamilton excels at the Circuit of the Americas.

Lewis Hamilton is set to win his sixth World Driver’s Championship in Austin this weekend, providing all goes to plan in the race.

The British driver could have claimed the title last week in Mexico, however the odds were against him, with him having to outscore his teammate Valtteri Bottas by 14 points – a task that, considering both drivers’ dominance throughout the season, seemed less than likely.

With Lewis winning the Mexican Grand Prix and Bottas finishing third, the title fight, which is now only between the two of them, is being taken to Austin for the United States Grand Prix.

Having closed the gap even more, all Lewis needs to do this weekend is finish in eighth or higher to win the Championship, regardless of where his teammate finishes.

Lewis Hamilton – a winner in America

Hamilton stands a good chance of succeeding in Austin; having lifted the first-place trophy at the circuit five times already, in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, he is somewhat of an expert (he also won the US Grand Prix when it was held in Indianapolis in 2007).

In 2017, the US Grand Prix was held prior to the Mexican Grand Prix, meaning it was a crucial race in the build up to Lewis winning his 4th World Title. With his biggest competitor that season, Sebastian Vettel, 66 points behind, the title at that point was within touching distance. Despite Vettel overtaking Lewis on the first lap, the Brit was able to take the position back without too much challenge from his opponent. He then went on to lead a masterful race and put himself in pole position for the title.

The 2018 race win went to Ferrari and Kimi Räikkönen (his first win in five years), with Lewis still stepping onto the podium but this time in third place. Once again, the race was held before Mexico, highlighting itself as an all-important race for the soon to be five-time World Champion. It was Hamilton who qualified in pole position, however the Finnish competitor was able to take the lead at the start and maintain his upper hand. Frustratingly for Hamilton, if he'd have managed to finish one place higher, in second, he would have clinched the World Title that day. However due to Max Verstappen taking that podium place, Hamilton's battle was once again taken to the next round.

Now, in 2019 we see the same scenario, with the two races swapped around.

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History of the circuit

The Circuit of the Americas was constructed back in 2011 and is one of the newest circuits on the F1® calendar. The first F1® race held there was shortly after in 2012 - the first US Grand Prix held since 2007, where it was previously held in Indianapolis. In fact, the United States Grand Prix has had a lot of different homes before finding its current.

Only three drivers have won the United States Grand Prix since it being held in Austin, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel.

In previous years, the US Grand Prix has supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the largest Breast Cancer organisation in the United States, with many of the teams and drivers wearing special pink race wears to raise awareness for the charity. A charity auction, including an array of these products, is being held over on F1® Authentics (Memento Exclusives’ sister site) in support of the organisation. Visit F1® Authentics here.

Mexican Grand Prix: Can Lewis Hamilton make it six World Championships?

by Tony Brookes

We already know that it’ll be a double Championship once again for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, but both drivers are still in the running for the crown.

Lewis Hamilton could take his sixth World Championship in Mexico this coming weekend, however in order to do so he would have to receive at least 14 more points than his teammate Valtteri Bottas. Given how dominant that team has been all season and the likelihood of the Finnish driver finishing in the top ten, if not top five (if not top 3!) Lewis will have a challenge on his hands.

Here’s a look at how Lewis’ season was looking in 2018 at this point in comparison.

2018 – Lewis crowned Champion in Mexico

Last year Hamilton rewrote the history books as he equalled Juan Manuel Fangio in terms of Championships, with five now to his name. An achievement only three drivers have ever experienced, Michael Schumacher (who of course currently holds the record of seven Championships), Fangio, and now Hamilton himself.

Despite taking the title in Mexico, the race itself wasn’t as care-free as the Brit would have liked. Despite finishing on the podium at 17 out of the 21 races held that year, Mexico was one of four he didn’t. The Brit only managed fourth when it came to the Mexican GP due to issues with his tyres. It was the young Dutchman of Max Verstappen driving for Red Bull who ended up taking to the chequered flag first. 

Nevertheless, the job was done as fourth place gave Lewis enough points to mean that no competitor (in this season his main competition was Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel) would be able to beat him. 

In fact, Hamilton had built up such a strong lead of 70 points over Vettel by the time it came to Mexico, that the Mercedes-AMG ace only needed to finish in seventh place - even if Vettel had finished first, the position would have be enough to see him crowned five-time World Champion. In the end Vettel finished second, behind Verstappen. This wrapped up the Championship with two races left (which evidently Hamilton went on to win too).

What does Lewis need to do to win the title in Mexico this year?

Having won nine races so far in the 2019 season, Lewis leads the way from his teammate who this year has been his biggest competition in the points race, even if not competitively. 

In order for Lewis to be crowned at the weekend, he would need to win the race, as well as get the fastest lap point and see that his teammate does not finish in the top three.

If Bottas does not finish anywhere in the top ten, all Lewis will need to achieve is a spot on the podium, in any position.

Nevertheless Valtteri Bottas has made it clear that he is still very much in the fight and will still be chasing the title at the next few races. 

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