Nikki Douthwaite

Nikki Douthwaite's stunning art portraits are crafted from tens of thousands of hand-glued tiny dots from household hole punchers! The art is breath-taking. When viewed up-close, it's a fascinating collage of dots, which only transforms into a face when you move further away - creating a visually stunning optical illusion.

The dots are hole-punched from magazine articles about each of the subjects and Nikki intricately hand-glues every single dot into place using a pair of tweezers. Nikki's work is highly acclaimed and has been featured on Top Gear, BBC Formula 1 coverage, CNN World Sport, Celebrity Juice and many more.

We are very proud to exclusively retail these original Nikki Douthwaite sports artworks. Absolute one-of-a-kinds - each one is a unique masterpiece which is guaranteed to fascinate!

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