Leyton House 1990 CG901 Race Car

F1 Authentics is proud to bring to the market the Leyton House CG901 with original Judd EV V8 3.5L Engine, recently rebuilt by Judd to perfect condition.   

The car competed in the 1990 FIA Formula One World Championship™ as well as the Masters Historic race series.

The CG901 was designed by Adrian Newey and saw drivers Ivan Capelli and Maurício Gugelmin behind the wheels. The CG in the car name stood for Cesare Gariboldi, who was a March Leyton team manager who tragically lost his life in 1989.

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Leyton House 1990 CG901 Race Car
Leyton House 1990 CG901 Race Car



F1 Authentics is proud to bring to the market the Leyton House CG901 with original Judd EV V8 3.

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The Story

Chassis 006 is one of the B versions that was used in the latter part of the 1990 season and the only chassis that had a mono shock up front. The CG901 is a beautifully packaged F1 car and Newey took great care packaging the car as tightly as possible to optimize the aerodynamics of the car.

This race car was raced by Ivan Capelli during 1990 and recently restored by historic F1 experts CGA Race Engineering Ltd (Today called Front Row Racing Ltd) with absolutely no compromises, even the cars logos are hand painted like they were at the time. Original engine rebuild by Judd to perfect condition.

This race car, supplied by a Private Collector, was purchased in 2012 in Sweden and has been renovated using new and remade parts to make the car accurate and original down to the last bolt and nut. It also features upgraded parts including a safety fuel system and new made wishbones and brakes.

All old parts have been x-rayed and new parts were manufactured by Stable Racing Ltd. New jigs were also made by Arrow Racing’s pressure machine to ensure the correct shape of the chrome moly material.

The renovation started at Chevron Ltd, where the car got hand painted with logos by an artist. The car was later moved to CGA Race Engineering Ltd that had decades of experience of restoring and running historical F1 cars.

The car will be running at the Masters Historic race series; last year it was invited for a demo run and was registered there (documents available). According to their rules, an original car can run with a traction control and better electronic management for the engine, so that has been upgraded on the car.

Due to further work done by Speedmaster Ltd, and the aforementioned companies, the car has been able to run the car on track four times, making it reliable and a joy to run. This has since lead to even more detailed tuning of the gearbox.

This car is ready to drive – one of the last analogue F1 cars with manual gearbox and V8 engine revving to around 12,000rpm as well as carbon brakes and huge downforce. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Fact File

  • Leyton House CG901
  • Year:1990
  • Chassis: Carbon Fiber
  • Suspension: Double Wishbone, Pushrod
  • Engine: Judd EV V8 3.5L
  • Gearbox: Longitudinal 6 speed
  • Manual Brakes: Vented AP 6piston Caliper Carbon-Carbon
  • Designer: Adrian Newey
  • The car comes with lots of spare parts
  • Hand-painted
  • Undergone renovations
  • Features new and remade parts
  • All electronic cables are new
  • Tuned gearbox
  • Ready to race


Throughout the years F1 Authentics and myself have consolidated a long-term relationship with Art, Memorabilia but most importantly F1 exhibition cars.

Doing intercontinental transactions, requires a lot of communication, F1 Authentics are professionals who stay in control and provide me with a solution.

Private Client in Mexico

I first met F1 Authentics a few years ago, when I pursued a long-standing dream to purchase an authentic F1 car and hang it on a wall.  

To describe the entire experience with the transaction as “amazing” is an understatement. The team graciously assisted with all shipping logistics from the UK, and I was blown away when the car arrived. It surpassed all expectations.

Private Client

The F1 Authentic’s team has been both easy and great to work with. They not only helped me track down the perfect chassis, but they also helped with door-to-door shipping and logistics. I would recommend F1 Authentic’s to anyone looking to expand their collection into the racing grid.

Private Client

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