Own the Chequered Flag

F1 Authentics is the official supplier of the race day chequered flags for all your favourite GPs. Take ownership of 1 of 160 squares per flag and make your mark on F1 history.

How it Works

Pick your race

Choose your favourite GP, add your name and secure your square.

Watch the action

We print the flag and deliver it to the event. Who will wave yours?

Own the moment

We cut, mount and frame your piece of Formula 1 history.

Own a piece of F1 history with your name on it. Framed with a print by legendary photographer James Moy and authenticated plaque.

Pick Your Race

To get your flag printed and delivered in time for race day we have Names Deadlines for every GP. Make sure you secure your square before time is up.


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Waving the iconic chequered flag to signal the end of a race has been a tradition that has lasted the entirety of F1’s incredible history, meaning that each black and white square is more than just a piece of fabric: it's a fragment of racing history, representing moments when legendary racers crossed the finish line, enshrining their achievements in the annals of the sport.

For the discerning collector, taking home a square of a chequered F1 flag is one of the most exciting collecting opportunities on offer.

In our chequered F1 flag collection you can find flags from Grands Prix held all around the world, from Azerbaijan to Qatar, or from Abu Dabhi to Las Vegas. You can also sign up for early access to next season's flags, giving you an unparalleled opportunity to stake your claim to these unique pieces of F1 history.

With each flag we acquire, individual squares are available for purchase - each displayed in a bespoke frame, printed with your name and partnered with a photograph from the event and a certificate of authenticity to verify your purchase. Whatever your F1 collection currently looks like, adding a chequered F1 flag square will take it to the next level.