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Racing runs in the Sargeant family bloodline, with Logan Sargeant following in his brother's footsteps as a professional racing driver. Safe to say though, his journey through karting and the lower formulas to F1 is quite different to Dalton's NASCAR career! Watching a promising new driver rise through the ranks and take his first seat in an F1 cockpit is one of the most exciting things for followers of the sport, and Logan's performance so far has piqued and caught our collective interest. If you're following the career of this young American, our range of Logan Sargeant merch is for you.Here we've gathered, and will continue to gather, mementos and memorabilia tracking his trajectory through the sport, giving collectors the opportunity to integrate this budding F1 personality into their collections. This, we feel, is another highlight of F1: getting in on the ground floor and embedding a driver in your collection, with pieces that increase in value - financial and sentimental - as their career develops.From his 2023 Williams debut to wherever his future leads, join us in celebrating Logan Sargeant's F1 journey with our range of exclusive, specialist memorabilia.