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SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team 2019 Left-hand SidepodSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team 2019 Left-hand Sidepod
Sergio Pérez 2020 Bodywork & Photo – Sakhir GPSergio Pérez 2020 Bodywork & Photo – Sakhir GP

Though the incarnation was short-lived, the contributions of the Racing Point F1 Team will be remembered for years to come. And if you want to take home a piece of the history of the team, our range of Racing Point F1 merchandise has got you covered. Here you'll find the most enticing collectibles, source by our F1 collector experts. Tasked with gathering items that encapsulate the sport of the team and the magic of the sport, our collectors brought together BWT Racing Point F1 Team car components like sidepods, headrests, rear wings, and more, alongside bodywork segments signed by Sergio Pérez and preserved in acrylic. As a discerning collector you'll know that unique pieces of F1 history like this function perfectly as collection centrepieces, whether in the home of a collector, in a workplace, or elsewhere.

Each item in our Racing Point F1 Team range tells a story of its own: of a thrilling race, a driver's passion, a team's unwavering hard work and dedication. After being at race day, there's no finer way to connect with the sport than through owning a collectible like this. And unlike race day, these are yours to savour whenever you want for as long as you own them. So take a look at our Racing Point F1 Team merchandise today and see what takes your fancy.