The History of Pirelli

Driven by Innovation


A New Era

Pirelli entered into the world of Formula 1 in the 1950s, supplying tyres to a variety of teams on the grid. Over the years, the supplier formed partnerships with teams like Brabham, Tyrrell andWilliams. In 1991, Pirelli withdrew from F1.


Return To The Tracks

After an absence of two decades, Pirelli made their way back into F1, as F1’s official supplier, replacing Bridgestone. After initial challenges regarding degradation, the FIA and Pirelli worked towards refining their tyre compounds.


A Strengthened Bond

In order to improve safety, F1 brought in new regulations regarding tyre specifications. Continuing their innovation, Pirelli developed new compounds to meet the evolving demands of F1. In 2018, the Pole Position Trophy was renamed the Pirelli Pole Position Award, with pole sitters winning a wind tunnel tyre trophy.

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