Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team AMR24 Simulator

A Champion Drive

Designed and built at the Memento Exclusives facility, just 15 minutes away from the AMR Technology Campus, the simulators are made using the team’s CAD drawings used to design and manufacture the actual car. Made to order and painted in iconic British racing green, this is a rare opportunity for fans and gamers and is the closest thing to driving the real car.

Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team AMR24 Simulator

Dispatch in: 12 Weeks

Sale price£100,000
Driver: Fernando Alonso


Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team AMR24 Simulator 

Introducing the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant AMR24 Simulator, the first in the Aston Martin series to be brought to market. The epitome of cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship, and engineering excellence - this simulator brings the thrill of the race-tracks into your home. 

Designed using official CAD data directly sourced from Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team, the simulator authentically replicates the immersive experience of driving the AMR24. Every detail, from the sleek carbon fibre of the bodywork and cockpit to the state-of-the-art computer system, is built to reproduce the feeling of pushing the limits around the world’s greatest circuits. 

Built to Perfection 

The AMR24 Simulators are built in-house by an expert team at Memento Exclusives (owners of F1 Authentics) and go through similar processes as real F1 cars when being created. Using CAD data from the teams, the composites team are able to create moulds of the chassis bodywork. From here, the carbon fibre goes into the autoclave before heading to the Trimshop. Each piece is then prepped ready for assembly. Once the team have put the chassis together, the Sim heads to the Paintshop where the livery and branding are added. Finally, once back in the Race Bays, the Tech team will work to develop its use – fitting screens, pedals, steering wheel and computer. 

The Ultimate Racing Experience 

Find out what’s it’s like to drive for Aston Martin and step into the cockpit of the AM24 Simulator.  The high-definition display screen offers epic visuals, transporting you to race tracks around the world with authentic realism. Made for use with the official F1 game, this truly is the best gaming experience for avid racers. 

Whether you're a seasoned racing enthusiast looking to hone your skills or a professional driver seeking to fine-tune your technique, the Aston Martin F1 Team 2024 Simulator delivers an unrivalled platform for training and competition.  

Specifications & Design Options  

  • Each AMR24 Simulator can be ordered with a choice of Alonso or Stroll detailing, 
  • All options include a full simulator set up 
  • Official Aston Martin livery  
  • Uniquely numbered chassis plate  
  • Premium curved AOC gaming screen   
  • Adjustable gaming pedals  
  • Force feedback paddle steering wheel featuring ‘Go-Race Quick-release’   
  • The latest gaming hardware  
  • Warranty and access to remote support for 1 year  
  • In addition, show car simulators can be linked up for inter-simulator competitions.  
  • Comes with everything you need to plug in and play!  
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