McLaren F1 Team 2021 Large Wheel Nut Lamp

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Lighting up the room with racing action, this lamp has been re-engineered from a race used wheel nut from the iconic McLaren F1 team. Designed and built in-house at F1 Authentics by a team of experts, each lamp highlights the intricate detailing of the component whilst presenting it as the focal point of this creatively crafted everyday item. These lamps feature a slightly large wheel nut to our other lamps. The style of larger wheel nut was used by McLaren only. It was part of an aerodynamic trick that the team developed that involved blowing air through the nut to reduce vortices forming on the tyres. The ‘trick’ was then outlawed the following season.

The race used wheel nut bears the scars of being torn off and replaced in as little as 1.8 seconds. An engineering marvel that is the single element retaining a wheel travelling at up to 220mph. Now, given new life, racing action is re-imagined bringing you this exceptional piece of craftsmanship.

  • Machined from a solid block of aluminium 
  • Features an LED bulb in the centre 
  • Braided cable is routed through the slender nickel stem 
  • Leather label carrying the team logo hand stitched with the team colour

Please note: This lamp is supplied with a UK plug, which can be easily changed by your local electrician. This lamp will also work on US voltage, but will benefit from having a different bulb for a brighter light. 

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McLaren F1 Team Large Wheel Nut Lamp

Looks great, good quality workmanship. Works as expected.